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Core Features The most useful pieces of ExpressTime Timekeeping  getS your business running efficiently.


Precise Scheduling

Simple and pain-free scheduling of buildings and employees. Just select the time and days of the week and the system does the rest!


Exceptions/Quick Edit

The Exceptions/Quick Edit menu puts all of your exception issues on one editable screen, allowing for quick, precise management.


GPS Clock In & Out

ExpressTime Mobile, a tool that allows your employees to clock-in via a mobile device, giving you the ability to verify their GPS location.


Supply Tracking

Each building has an Approved Supplies tab, where you input which supplies each individual client uses. No more guessing about deliveries!


Supervisor Notifications

Once your schedules are set up, supervisors can receive SMS messages or a phone call with alerts of late or early clock-ins or no-shows, eliminating missed assignments.


Detailed Reports

Useful for tracking trends, reports can be filtered by date, employee, building, work group, business type, service, area, building status, and more.

Powerful, Automated Timekeeping 

  • Clock in/out via telephone or mobile device
  • Check GPS signatures of each clock in/out
  • Set up a Geofence around a building for employees to clock in & out
  • Statistics/Budget Management
  • Payroll Exporting
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Early, Late Arrivals, or No-Show Alerts
  • Supply Order Notification
  • Time Adjustments
  • Project Work Management/Profitability
  • Task Schedules
  • And much, much more...


Supervisors can Manage from the Field

  • Innovative tool for managers & supervisors
  • Clock in & out via GPS     
  • View & edit employees' clock in/out of the job, anytime
  • Notifications sent to the supervisor if employee does not clock in, clocks in late or leaves early
  • Access to client & employee contact information
  • Access to building information, directions and more from the field 
  • View Task Schedules so employees know what to do on a daily basis    
  • Request for supplies order form
  • View PTO,sick,vaction,holiday pay hours and more
  • All real-time information
  • Avaliable in the Apple Appstore & Google Play Store


An Essential Tool for Employees      

  • Easy to use mobile app for your employees to use    
  • GPS Clock in/out
  • View accrued hours,PTO,sick time & more
  • View daily/weekly schedules
  • Request & view open shifts
  • View Task Schedules so employees always know what to do
  • Order supplies per building
  • View building information,directions,contact information and much more
  • works with facial & thumbprint recognition for quick access
  • Avaliable in the Apple Appstore & Google Play Store 


ExpressTime Kiosk

  • Quick and easy setup
  • User Friendly for Clock in/Out
  • Provides Accurate Time Tracking
  • Great for Multi Employee Facilities

The Apple native Kiosk App allows precise time tracking. This feature works extremely well for facilities with multiple employees and or shift work.

It saves time and creates a user friendly environment for your employees.

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Call 1-888-457-7978

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