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HOA Pool Service and Lifeguard Timekeeping

Timekeeping for the HOA Property Management industry Pools Services and Lifeguards

Timekeeping Telephone or Mobile Device Standalone Kiosk
Clock in/out via telephone or mobile device Check GPS signatures of each clock in/out Geofence buildings for employees to clock in / out
Statistics / Budget Management Project Work Management/Profitability Payroll Export
Early / Late Arrivals / No Show Alerts Supply Order Notifications Time Adjustments
Automated Scheduling Task Schedules Clock in/out on mobile app or Kiosk

Continue Below and learn more about How Expresstime Solutions Software can benefit your service company.

Timekeeping for HOA property Management Pool Services and Lifeguards

The Expresstime suite of software was built on over 30 years of service industry experience. Growing your Service Company comes with an onslot of challenges. Hiring and retaining employees that usually work in the day, evening, and /or weekends typically put the old school punch time card to the test.

Mobile timekeeping, Geofencing properties, and standalone kiosk(s) on location are a great start to solving the many challenges that lie ahead. Fort those that need it, a telephone can be used to call in / out from the designated facility being serviced. Read more about how Expresstime can help your Commercial time management needs.

Client Communications

Response time is everything when dealing with clients and their needs. ExpressCommunications gives you the ability to manage communication between you and your clients, make requests, comments and complaints from anwhere at anytime all the while responding and assign tickets from anywhere.

This allows your client to engage in open tickets and check / follow the status.


Most if not all pools are located in an area that have community areas, restrooms, reception along with mechanical rooms for pumps etc. ExpressInspections gives your employees the ability to inspect and manage various aspects of those areas along with all mechanical devices used to run the pool and surrounding areas. The inspection can also be tailored to go outside the perimeter to encompass the landscaping, signage, buildings and janitorial cleaning.