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ExpressTime Kiosk Initial Setup

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How to setup the ExpressTime Kiosk

Download the ExpressTime Kiosk app from the iPad App Store.

Open the ExpressTime Kiosk app.

Kiosk Building Setup

Company ID: (your company ID).

Username: AppMgr.

Password: M@gic!

Enter the building number the kiosk will be used in.

Enter the time zone of the building using the format below:

0.0 central time

1.0 eastern time

1.0 mountain time

2.0 pacific time

Use Daylight savings time: Yes

Click Save Building Settings

ExpressTime Kiosk is now configured correctly and ready for use

How to set Ipad to Kiosk Mode

Open Settings

Tap Accessibility

Toggle Guided Access on

(optional) -Tap Passcode Settings to setup a passcode for Guided Access

Open the ExpressTime Kiosk app

Triple Click the Home Button or the Side button on the 2018 Ipad Pro while on the employee clock in screen to activate the Ipad's kiosk mode. Triple click again to deactivate kiosk mode.

Kiosk Mode Setup Complete

Click on a link below and learn more about how Expresstime Solutions Software can benefit your service company.

Timekeeping for Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning

Timekeeping for Home Health and the Medical Industry

Timekeeping for the Security Management Industry

Timekeeping for Lawn and Lanscape Management

Timekeeping for Facility Management

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