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Stay connected to your clients anytime, anywhere.

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Core Features The most useful pieces of THE  ExpressTime Communication Manager build better relationships with your clients.


Web-Based Tool

ExpressTime's Communication Manager is entirely web-based, meaning these incredible tools are available to you no matter where you are!


The Dashboard

The Dashboard on the Communication Manager's home page keeps your team on task until the issue is resolved and marked as complete.


Client Portal

The Communication Manager comes with a client portal, in which you manage the permissions for what your clients can access.


Inspections Integration

ExpressTime Communication Manager seamlessly integrates with ExpressInspections, allowing you to share inspection scores and notes with clients via their very own portal.


Assignable  Actions

When an issue is entered, you can assign a specific employee and they will receive an email with relevant details.


Seamless Teamwork

ExpressTime Communication Manager is the epicenter of all your business communications, resulting in more organized, efficient problem solving.

All Communications, At Your Fingertips

  • Manage communication between you and your clients
  • Make requests, comments and complaints from anywhere/anytime
  • Respond and assign tickets from anywhere
  • Promote better organization and efficient problem solving
  • Keep in touch with all employees in the office or on the go


A Web App Compatible with any Device  

  • Send immediate notification to the entire management staff
  • Keep all unresolved issues at the forefront
  • Completely control client access to information
  • Promote better organization and efficient problem solving
  • All real-time information

One of the most stressful parts of a business is managing your accounts. Let us help you strengthen your relationships with your clients through transparent, trustworthy communication.

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Call 1-888-457-7978

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